Frozen Man

While doing some window restoration at home and listening to James Taylor’s One Man Band CD on a 20-year old boombox, I finally understood the meaning of his song Frozen Man. The song is about a man who was shipwrecked, drowned, and frozen in ice for a century, and miraculously rediscovered and put on display. After all of the years of hearing that song, I never connected the dots as JT finishes the song and sings, “I know what it means to freeze to death, to lose a little life with every breath, to say goodbye to life on earth, to come around again, -Lord have mercy I’m the frozen man”.

The song really hit home with me as I often think about why my heart seems frozen and numb and so full of fear at times. As seasonal changes are happening in my yard, I couldn’t help but be thankful that this frozenness is temporary. As the chickadees stole some of our coconut-fibered welcome mat for a nest, as a dim-witted mourning dove makes a nest in our gutter, and as I heard a ruby-crowned kinglet for the first time of the season, I am assured that spring is coming and new life is just around the corner.

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