A lot of events in our lives have the potential to draw us closer to God and help us contemplate our walk with Him. This morning at 5am, as I was traveling to do worship music for Hillcrest Bible Church near Madison, that thing was a cute little blanket of snow that made traveling the interstate a leap of faith in itself.

Once I made my way onto the freeway, -there was no turning back. I couldn’t see the road. No one had gone before me. My eyes strained to find anything that would give me a hint that I was headed in the right direction.

Later that morning as I sang the lyrics to Wonderful Merciful Savior I could relate to my own snowy metaphor as I thought of many moments in my own life where I’d “hopelessly lost the way”.

Well, I made it to the church. I even made it on time. I found tracks of those who’d gone before.

When I arrived at my destination 50 miles down the road the sky was so clear that no one really knew or could believe what I had been through.

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